Matlab on Campus

Matlab on Campus

There have been some recent changes to the campus agreement with the Mathworks, which will impact both stand-alone and network license users.

This site should address most questions, but if you want further information, see the links below.

Effective October 2015

All the Matlab toolboxes previously available only via the campus network license server are now available for standalone installation.

People who have installed Matlab stand-alone on their machine (personal or GT owned) are encourage to perform a new installation + activation.

Matlab on Campus

Under the current Total Academic Headcount (TAH) license agreement:

  • Matlab is now available for installation by students on their personal machines from OIT.
  • The campus Matlab license is not available to GTRI.
  • Matlab can be installed on Georgia Tech equipment (except GTRI).
  • Matlab can also be installed by faculty and academic staff on their personal computers.

How to Use Matlab

  • Download: Download Matlab from Software @ OIT.
  • Network Licenses: Georgia Tech owned computers (not GTRI) on the campus network (including the VPN) can access Matlab and a large selection of toolboxes.
  • Vlab: Run Matlab remotely on a virtual machine.
  • Stand Alone Licenses: Faculty and academic staff (excluding GTRI) can use a stand-alone installation of Matlab on their personal systems even when not connected to the network.
  • Pre-TAH Options for Matlab use at Georgia Tech: Legacy information on migrating from the now expired Group License.

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