Q:   Why is the licensing agreement for Matlab changing?

A:   This is primarily driven by a change in pricing structure from the Mathworks, which made it infeasible for us to continue with our previous licensing arrangement.

Q:   How can I see which toolboxes I have installed?

A:  The VER command will produce a list of installed toolboxes. The HELP function can be used to produce a list of the functions available in a toolbox.

Q:   What toolboxes are covered under our TAH agreement?

A:   Most of the toolboxes offered by Mathworks are available via our TAH.  They are listed here.

Q:   I purchased a stand alone copy of Matlab before the TAH (either on my own or via the campus group license), what will happen to it?

A:   It depends on what toolboxes are included in your private copy of Matlab. If your license only includes the toolboxes which are covered by the TAH, you should begin to use the TAH annual license. If you have toolboxes not covered by TAH, you can continue using your toolboxes as child licenses of the TAH.  You are responsible to put your non-TAH toolboxes on an individual license with the Mathworks which will be a child license of the base TAH.

Q:   What if I have a perpetual standalone license purchased under the old group license, and I don’t want to upgrade or use the TAH?

A:   This only applies to members of the old group license, since the TAH license is not considered perpetual. If you don’t renew maintenance on your license and join the TAH model, your software should continue to run, but you will not be eligible for any updates or new versions. We are told that the Mathworks will “store” the licenses from the group so that we can recover them as independent perpetual licenses in this circumstance.  Note that you will not have access to any of the additional toolboxes provided by the TAH in this case.

Q:   I am a student at Georgia Tech, can I get a copy of Matlab for my personal computer?

A: Yes. See Software @ OIT to download a copy for usage.